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List of Active Political Parties of the WPS LOL Republic

Party NameActivityPlacingColorsDescription
Black-Fuchsia Wave (BFWP)2013-today(Mixed)Black-Fuchsia
Current secular and progressive party of the WPS LOL which is a mixed party that includes ideas of the left and right-wing values while also mixing ideas of the Baath Party.
Conservative Green Party (GCP)2013-todayCenter-RightGreen-White
Moderate Conservative Party with mixed secular and religious ideas, a party founded by the former founders of the GICP who have created a party that is always conservative but on average more secular and cultural and much less backward than the previous one.
Communist Party of the WPS LOL (KP)2006-todayLeftRed-WhiteClassic Communist Party but not capitalist.
Black Party Third Fascist Way (BTWFP)2006-todayFar-RightBlack-White
Moderate Fascist Party based on the former Iraqi Baath Party and the former Italian Fascist Party which would be a mixture of Saddam Hussein's Third Fascist Way and Benito Mussolini's Socialist Fascism.
 Blue Democratic Party (BDP)2007-todayCenter-LeftBlack-BlueClassic Democratic Party
Socialist Party (SRP) 2008-todayFar-LeftBlack-RedClassic Socialist Party
 Pirate Party (PP)2009-today(Mixed)Black-PurpleClassic Pirate Party
National Socialist Cultural Party (NSCP)2019-todayRightWhite-Black-Red
Party created by members of the former Christian Democracy and Islamic Democracy parties with more progressive and less conservative ideas as well as being based on National Socialism.
Team Plasma Party (TPP)2005-today(Local Party)Grey-FuchsiaLocal party of Team Plasma present only in Al-Plasma Governorate
fuchsia wave party it 2020conservative green party 2020kommunist party 2020black third fascist way party 2020bdp party 2020srp party 2020pp party 2020cultural national socialist party 2020team plasma party 2020

List of Suppressed Political Parties of the WPS LOL Republic

Party NameActivityPlacingColorsDescription
Secular Revolutionary Party (SRP)2005-2007LeftBlack-Fuchsia
Party used during the Black-Fuchsia Revolution of 2006 where it won a large majority (66%) of the consensus that approved the totally secular Constitution and abolished all anti-democratic laws, closing definitively with the colonial past, later the party was deleted replaced by Onda Fuchsia.
Conservative Islamic Party (GICP)2005-2013Center-RightGreen-White
Former Conservative Party based on not very secular ideas, abolished by the WPS LOL in 2013 (as among most of the party exponents there have been traitors who have been arrested and the party can no longer be elected).
Fuchsia Wave (FWP)2007-2013(Mixed)Fuchsia
Former WPS LOL Party which was replaced by Black-Fuchsia Wave after the 2013 coup, where the party made way for a new party while maintaining the former party hierarchy but including almost all Baath Party ideologies.
Christian Democracy (CDP)2005-2019Center-LeftWhite-Red

Former Cultural Party based on Italian Christian Democracy.
Deleted after 2019 where the founders and members created a new party or the SNCP (National Socialist Party).

Islamic Democracy (IDP)2005-2019Center-RightWhite-Green

Former Cultural Party based on Iranian Islamic Democracy.
Deleted after 2019 where the founders and members created a new party or the SNCP (National Socialist Party).


srp partygcp partyfuchsia wave 2 encdp partyidp party


 Main HQ Address: WPS LOL QG #40, WPS LOL City [WPS], WPS LOL Republic - Organization Shares: 60% Walter Alif - 40% Members/Fans WPS LOL - Share Capital: 720.000 WPS
 WPS LOL Admin
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